Terms and Conditions

Minnal.co platform allows and facilitates acquiring of “Digital Collectible(s) or Collectible(s)” (Defined Below) through “Purchase” (Defined Below) or “Auction” (Defined Below).

Minnal.co also features the Minnal Marketplace, the platform that enables secondary buying and trading of NFTs already purchased on the Minnal.co Launchpad. These NFTs can be either sold directly or through an open-time bidding system based on the type/classification of the NFT and the intent of the user.

Minnal.co reserves the right to change the Terms at any point in time, and the Terms will be updated on the website URL https://www.minnal.co/terms_and_conditon. The user who agrees to the present Terms also agrees to all the subsequent changes in our Terms. You may contact support@minnal.com for addressing any issues or questions.

Minnal.co is not a broker or a financial institution or an exchange or a creditor or a custodian or a traditional auction platform.Minnal.co functions as a facilitator and it does not hold responsibility for any remote resemblances of any other entity.


Binding Agreement

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) of use govern the usage of the Minnal.co (Referred to as “Us” or “We” or “Our” or the “Platform”) Platform by users (Referred to as "User" or "Users" or “You” or “Your”) who engage in trading of non-fungible tokens representing digital artwork, audio, images, and any other content and type of content that might be added to the Platform in the future (Collectively or in-part referred to as “Service” or “Services”).

Digital Collectibles and/or Collectibles: A “Digital Collectible(s)” Or “Collectible(s)” presently is a non-fungible token implemented on the Polygon blockchain Platform using smart contracts (Referred to as “Smart Contracts” or “Byte Codes”)

If you use the platform on behalf of a company or any other organization (“entity”), you, by agreeing to these terms, confirm that you are fully authorized to bind such an entity to the warranties and obligations made under this agreement. You also represent and warrant that you have the right, the authority, and the capacity to enter into a disagreement on behalf of that entity.

Any user who uses Minnal.co Platform to trade, purchase, and access information on digital Collectibles/non-fungible tokens/consume website content including but not limited to texts, audio, visual content, videos, and any other form of content is bound to agree to these Terms. Any user who does not agree to these Terms shall not access or use the Platform.

Using the Platform does not automatically mean that You will be entitled to enjoy full use of the Platform’s functionality (including bidding for NFTs at auction or purchasing NFTs) and/or that we will enter into any form of commercial or other arrangement with You, other than this Agreement.

All the terms mentioned in this Agreement are intended to continue and shall survive termination, including Agreement relating to exclusions and limitations of liability, intellectual property restrictions and ongoing use of Your data.

Third Parties

We partner with third-party service providers for our activities such as payment processing, handling of custody, completion of KYC (Know Your Customer) formalities, and other services from time to time.

Completion of KYC/AML formalities is mandatory to access the funds you have received from selling your NFT.

The KYC/AML formalities will be handled by a third-party provider and it is governed by a different set of terms and conditions provided by the third-party provider. Minnal.co does not in any way hold responsibilities for any issues that might arise from your KYC/AML process.

We may tie-up with different payment service providers for handling your payments. By using the payment services, you agree to the terms and conditions and the entire payment process will be covered by their terms of service. Minnal.co, while providing all assistance within its scope with regards to payments, does not hold responsibility for any issues/disputes that might arise because of payment processing.

We reserve the right to engage with any third-party service provider without prior notification, and agreeing to these terms implies that you agree to all our third-party engagements for carrying out the activities intended by the platform in the present and in the future.

Every third-party service provider might have their own set of terms and conditions that you should agree to. Any dispute arising between you and the third-party service provider should be settled between the two parties involved. The platform is, in no way, responsible for the settlement of the dispute.

Platform Access

The Platform provided by Minnal.co is intended to be used by users who are at least 18 years of age or of minimum legal age in your jurisdiction (whichever is later) and only the users who meet this criteria should enter into a contractual agreement with Minnal.co.

By accessing the Platform, you agree that you are not in any way legally forbidden from accessing or using any features of the Platform. You also confirm that you will not use the Platform for any illegal and unlawful activities including but not limited to acts of terror, acts that might be detrimental to the security and legal interests of any individual or country/administrative body.

By accessing the Platform, you agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment meets the technical requirements you need to access the Platform in its optimal experience. We are not responsible for any harm or loss caused by inadequacy of or lapses in your equipment standards and functionality.

By accessing the Platform, you agree that we receive the right to restrict your access in the interest of your and the Platform’s security. You are responsible for treating your security-related access-information such as usernames, passwords, and any other identifier with utmost care and confidentiality. Any activity that happens under your login ID is your responsibility, and you are expected to immediately report any unauthorized access to our support services.

By accessing the Platform, you agree that all the information furnished by you is accurate, and you are solely responsible for addressing issues that might arise due to inaccurate information. You may choose to customize your username, and we reserve the right to change your username if it includes profanity or hate-language content or sensitive information/issues.

By accessing the Platform, you agree that we reserve the right to disable your account and/or access to your account if at any point in time, you’re found to be in violation of the Terms. We do not hold any responsibility for the actions outside or within our Platform that resulted in your account being disabled.

Smart Contracts

The items offered on the platform either for direct sale or for auction are unique cryptographic tokens also known as non-fungible tokens. These non-fungible tokens are minted using smart contracts and they are tracked and stored on the Polygon Blockchain.

The platform is responsible only for the smart contract that constitutes the non-fungible tokens launched on Minnal.co. The initial owner of the token will be the artist/creator/brand/celebrity that the platform partners with.

Any transaction intended for the purpose of transferring, offering, bidding, listing, selling, or purchasing of these non-fungible tokens will be initiated through one or more smart contracts, and some of the elements of every transaction might be outside the Polygon ecosystem. By consenting to this agreement, you also accept to the transfer of the Digital Collectibles, the fees, the commissions, and the royalties, and that many processes including but not limited to the ones mentioned above will be automated through smart contracts.

Accepted Payment Forms, Taxes, Gas & Fees

You can purchase your Digital Collectible on the platform using either the third-party payment service provider or UPI or direct crypto payments . You may be, subject to the options provided by the third-party payment processor, able to fund your wallet through credit cards, debit cards, and other methods. It is to be noted that the payment restrictions and limits might also be the result of your agreement with the third-party payment service provider or the financial institution that provides the payment instrument you utilize to fund your wallet.

You are responsible for handling and paying all the taxes involved in the transaction. You are also responsible for the payment of any taxes that might become payable in the future as a result of your ownership or transfer or purchase or sale.

Any activity on the blockchain including but not limited to transactions may require payments of small fees called ‘gas’ fee.

The platform holds the right to absorb the gas fees on your behalf or pass it on to you. If the platform does not bear any gas fees, it is strictly on a non-precedential basis. You also acknowledge that the platform may add or deduct gas fees in the future.

The value of the gas fee fluctuates rapidly and is often unpredictable. It is outside the control of the platform. By consenting to this agreement, you acknowledge that no contract or agreement or offer or bid or sale or any other form of transaction be invalidated, revocable, retractable, or otherwise unenforceable on the platform on the basis that the gas fee was unknown or too high or unacceptable in any other way to you.

All the gas fees are nonrefundable and they will not be refunded under any circumstance whatsoever.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the payment instrument stays active during withdrawal. Minnal.co will not be held responsible for any funds that might have lapsed/gotten lost because of faulty/inaccurate/invalid payment instrument information provided by the user that nullifies/tampers with the processing of the wallet money withdrawal. By using the platform, you agree that the applicable artist fee/royalty and the processing/service/platform fee will be automatically debited/deducted from the final price of the NFT/final credit amount for selling the NFT (whichever is applicable). The process is automated and on-chain, and every transaction will have the applicable fees deducted in relevant instances. The platform holds the right to modify the artist fee/royalty and the processing/service/platform fee without any prior notice. You are expected to check the latest version of the terms and conditions to ensure that you are updated. The applicable fees might be charged as an absolute amount or as a percentage of the transaction amount which the platform will determine on a case-by-case basis.

All the payments made to the platform for the purpose of transaction are non-refundable. You can read the details of it under the Refund Policy section below:

Refund Policy

Under no circumstances shall any form of refund be entertained, especially for completed transactions. The platform does not hold any responsibility for wrongly conducted transactions, transactions carried out with wrong addresses, transactions carried out as a result of any malicious link/website/app/media/claim in any form impersonating the platform, and transactions attempted without complying with the set standards.

The funds added to the wallet will not be eligible for withdrawal until a period of seven days post completion of drop.

Under no circumstances shall a fulfilled transaction for the purchase of a Digital Collectible be reversed or refunded.

In the event of the user losing an auction, the bid amount will be returned to the Wallet. The seven day interval still applies for the withdrawal.

You will not be eligible to withdraw your Wallet balance if you have placed a bid and if the auction is still active.

The platform reserves the right to modify the rules of refunds and it will be updated in the terms and conditions.

You are encouraged to check the Terms page for the latest version of the rules and policies.

NFT Pricing Policy

The seller has the power and responsibility to determine the sale price and the minimum bid price of the NFT that is put on sale on the Minnal.co platform. The seller will also hold responsibility in determining for how many days the bidding window will be open. Minnal.co does not, in any way, hold responsibility for the pricing set by the seller as it is in their own accord. Minnal.co also does not hold any responsibility for any NFT going unsold for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to the price is it by the seller. While the initial cost of the NFT at the time of drop was determined by Minnal.co, any price increase/decrease whatsoever is outside the scope/control of Minnal.co. Minnal.co shall not be, in any way, held responsible for any price changes/fluctuations on the NFT.

Responsibilities of the Seller

Until the NFT is completely sold by the seller, the seller in possession of the NFT is governed by the terms and conditions that outline/direct its usage. When a seller lists an NFT for direct sale/bidding, it is the responsibility of the seller to ensure that the listing is accurate and complete. The seller should also ensure that the listing is not deceptive or misleading. The sale listing should include all pieces of relevant information on the NFT. The seller understands that they do not own the intellectual property rights or the underlying content of the NFT except for what has been explicitly mentioned in the limited license granted to the seller. The seller should acknowledge the bid within seven days of the bid being placed by a prospective bidder. Any bid that is not acknowledged by the seller within the seven-day window will be considered lapsed. The bid amount will no longer be valid and the platform does not hold responsibility for any drop in the price of the NFT because of the induction of the seller. Any changes in prices that might occur because of the action of the seller including but not limited to the removal of an NFT from the sale will not be the responsibility of the platform. The seller holds complete responsibility for the listing, the pricing, and all the consequences of their actions that, in any way, alter the selling prospects/price of the NFT. The seller shall refrain from activities like using artificial/fake accounts to increase the price of their listing through fake bids. The seller shall not list their NFT for any type of selling whatsoever on any other third-party platform except Minnal.co. Any such activity will be considered a violation of terms and shall not hold Minnal.co for any consequences whatsoever.

Responsibilities of the Buyer

It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the accuracy of information/authenticity of the NFT is in line with their expectations. The platform does not hold responsibility for any disputes that might arise out of the negligence/lack of diligence from the buyer. The buyer understands that the NFTs purchased on Minnal.co is not available for sale anywhere else except the Minnal.co marketplace. Any such instances of the buyer buying an NFT from any unauthorized third-party will refrain Minnal.co from its responsibilities as a platform as outlined in the terms and conditions. The buyer may use certain tools provided by the platform to determine the rarity of the NFT they intend to purchase. It is to be noted that the rarity tool is just an instrument for assisting users and it does not in any way determine the price of the NFT directly. Buyers are expected to exercise due diligence in using the tool and in understanding its limitations/scope.

The website shall not constitute or be construed as financial or investment advice or as an investment recommendation. The algorithmic ranking does not imply anything on commercial lines whatsoever. Every NFT collection has its own ranking method and mechanism. The tool should be used exclusively for determining the rarity ranking within the collection and not outside the collection. Any losses/damages resulting from such comparison and any action taken consequently will not be the responsibility of the tool or the platform.

The buyer holds complete responsibility for the bid they have placed and they are liable to pay the bid unless a higher bid has been placed or the seller has removed the NFT from the listing. Any violation of this rule will result in consequences that will completely be the buyer/bidder’s responsibility. The buyer shall not engage in any unlawful and unfair practices including but not limited to placing a bid without serious intent to buy or sell bidding (bidding activities intended with the sole purpose of increasing the price or desirability or in any way altering the sale ability of an NFT through unfair means. The buyer shall not use any means to engage in anti-competitive bidding activities including but not limited to using bots or artificial/fake accounts to bid on any listing including their own. The buyer, upon purchasing an NFT or placing a bid for an NFT, holds complete responsibility for the outcome of the bidding. As a buyer, you are governed by the terms and conditions that direct/control the usage of the NFT as soon as you come in possession of the NFT upon the completion of the sale/closure of bidding.

Transfer of Ownership & Selling in Secondary Markets

The user who directly purchases or wins the auction becomes the owner of the Digital Collectible. As the owner of the Digital Collectible, the user has the eligibility and right to sell their Digital Collectible only on the proprietary marketplace that will soon be launched parallel to the platform.

The marketplace will have its own set of terms and conditions that the users (both buyers and sellers) will have to separately and explicitly agree to in addition to the terms and conditions that govern the platform.

All the risk and responsibility of the Digital Collectible, once transferred to you, will fall on you. The exact time at which the risk of the Digital Collectible is transferred may be determined at the discretion of the platform.

The platform does not hold any responsibility for any uses you make of the Digital Collectible or any future transactions you make of/with the Digital Collectible.

The disclaimers and limitations of liability made by the platform under this agreement shall not be terminated or relinquished but shall survive in the event of any subsequent sale or transfer or disposition or burning or any other form of relinquishment of the Digital Collectible by you. It is your responsibility to provide notice to any subsequent possessor or owner of the digital collectible and all the disclaimers attached.


By using this Platform and its services, you acknowledge and understand that the public address of your wallet will be made publicly visible whenever you engage in any transaction on the Platform. We reserve the right to change the Blockchain that we use to power our Platform, and all the references provided in these terms still hold good and true in the event of changes in the Blockchain and/or in the decentralized protocol that we will use.

Blockchain is a nascent technology and there are possibilities of technological difficulties. In the event of such difficulties being experienced, the Platform may not function at its intended capacity and it might affect the access to your Collectibles.

Blockchain technology is subject to multiple legal uncertainties, and there are possibilities of the Platform, the Collectibles, and your funds being adversely impacted in case of any regulatory and legal inquiries, investigations, claims, fines, judgments, suits, and actions. This could hamper or impede your ability to continue the use of our Platform, the associated assets, and every other manifestation of this technology. By agreeing to these terms, you accept that you understand these uncertainties and risks.

Transactions involving the purchase of Collectibles may not be reversible except for the instances described in our refund policy. Any losses that occur due to fraudulent or accidental transactions will not be recoverable and we will not be liable or responsible for these losses. The user takes full responsibility for these transactions and the accuracy of information.

The Blockchain that powers our Platform might be subject to sudden changes in operating rules. Forking the Blockchain might result in multiple versions, and subsequently, in more than one version of your Collectible. This might affect the value and the function of the initial Collectible. Under such a situation, we might temporarily suspend our services while we determine which network to support. The decision will be at our sole and absolute discretion. We also reserve the right to stop supporting/abandoning the initial or the copy of the Collectible. We, at our sole discretion, might obtain and retain the unsupported Collectible.

If any of the terms or its application to any circumstance shall, to any extent, be declared illegal, void, invalid or unenforceable by any competent body, the legality, validity and enforceability of the remainder of the terms and the application of that term to other circumstances shall not be affected thereby, and each term of this Agreement shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by the Applicable Law. If any clause of those Terms is asserted invalid, unlawful or unenforceable via way of means of any in a position court, tribunal, arbitral bench, or any any competent body then such phrases will be deemed automatically adjusted by the Company to comply to the necessities for validity at such time and, as so adjusted, will be deemed a provision of those Terms as though at the beginning included and shall carry the same commercial effect/interest as the term it replaces/adjusts. If the availability invalidated is of the sort of nature that it can not be so adjusted, the availability will be deemed deleted from the Terms as even though the availability had by no means been included.

While we strive our best, we cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted, and error-free availability/operability of our Platform. There may be times when certain features or content or parts of our Platform or the entire Platform itself might become unavailable either on a scheduled or unscheduled basis. It is subject to modification, suspension, and withdrawal at our sole discretion and without any notice. We are not liable to you or any third-party for any of the above acts mentioned. We are also not responsible for any losses you may suffer and any drop in the value of the Collectibles you own or any Collectible which was/is on our Platform.


We may change the format and content of the Platform from time to time. You agree that your use of the Platform is on an "as is" and "as available" basis and at your sole risk. Whilst we try to make sure that all information contained on the Platform is correct, it is not intended to amount to authority or advice on which reliance should be placed. You should check with us or the relevant information source before acting on any such information. We make or give no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, currency, correctness, reliability, integrity, quality, availability, fitness for purpose or originality of any content of the Platform and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, all implied warranties, conditions or other implied terms of any kind are hereby excluded and we accept no liability for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of you or anyone else using the Platform or relying on any of its content.

We cannot and do not guarantee that any content of the Platform will be free from viruses and/or other code that may have contaminating or destructive elements. It is your responsibility to implement appropriate IT security safeguards (including anti-virus and other security checks) to satisfy your particular requirements as to the safety and reliability of the content.

In no event shall we be liable to you for any losses, whether indirect or consequential, or for any loss of profit, revenue, contracts, data, goodwill, or other similar losses, and any liability we do have for losses you suffer is strictly limited to losses that were reasonably foreseeable.

We are not liable for any user error, incorrect data, or loss of NFTs, or other information. Collectibles are intangible assets represented by the corresponding NFT on the Ethereum network. We are not responsible for this network, for recording, or verifying ownership or value of any Collectible.

Our role is limited to providing a Platform to allow users to offer for sale, and to buy Collectibles directly. With the exception of the initial sale of each Collectible, we are not a party to any secondary sale or purchase. We do not take payment on behalf of other parties and we are not a payment service provider.

We do our best to make sure all Collectibles are original works and do not infringe any third-party rights. There can be no guarantee or assurance of the uniqueness, originality or quality of any Collectible. You have no recourse or rights against us in relation to the existence of similar or identical works, or in relation to the infringement of any third-party rights.

Each User shall defend, indemnify, compensate, reimburse and preserve innocence of Minnal.co Company (and every one of its officers, directors, members, employees, sellers and affiliates) from any claim, demand, action, damage, loss, value or expense, such as with out quandary affordable attorneys’ fees, arising out of or pertaining to (a) User’s use of, or behavior in connection with, the Offerings; (b) User’s violation of those Terms or some other relevant coverage or agreement of Minnal.coCompany; or (c) users violation of any rights in regards to other third persons.

Data & Privacy

For information regarding our treatment of personal information, please review our Privacy Policy at https://www.minnal.co/privacy_policy which is hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference. Any use of our Platform constitutes Your acceptance and agreement to be bound by our Privacy Policy.

Copyright Notice. “Minnal.co” and its logos are trademarks of Minnal.co owner company. All rights reserved. All other trademarks appearing in the Offerings are the property of their respective owners.

Privacy Policy. To access the Offerings, a User must explicitly consent to Minnal.co owner company's privacy and data security practices, which can be found by visiting our privacy policy at our website.


If any provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful or unenforceable, then that provision will be deemed severable from this Agreement and will not affect the enforceability of any other provisions.